Campanula bravensis



Africa:, Macaronesia (Cape Verde native)


Campanula bravensis (Bolle) A. Chev., Rev. Bot. Appl. Agric. Trop. 15: 889. 1935
  • Campanula jacobaea var. bravensis Bolle, Bonplandia (Hannover) 9: 51. 1861


Specimens & Observations

CountryDateCollector + collecting numberHerbariaTypeScanDerivatives
Cape Verde, Republic of1994-01-30T. Leyens CV-94-124B
Citation: Cape Verde, Republic of, Brava, Road Vila n. Cintra, N.S. do Monte, Before bifurcation with road to Faja da Agua, alt. 540 m, 14°52'4"N, 24°42'24"W, 30.1.1994, Leyens CV-94-124. (B B 10 0355644)

Specimen summary: B (B 10 0355644)
Specimen Scans: B (B 10 0355644)
Detail Images: Pollen surface ornamentation, Pollen surface ornamentation, Pollen overview, Pollen overview

Cape Verde, Republic of24.01.1994N. Kilian & T. Leyens 3326B
Citation: Cape Verde, Republic of, Fogo, Cha das Caldeiras, between the village and the exit to Mte. Velha., alt. 1600 – 1750 m, 24.01.1994, N. Kilian & T. Leyens 3326. (B B 10 0356871)

Specimen summary: B (B 10 0356871)

Cape Verde, Republic of22.01.1994N. Kilian & T. Leyens 3278B
Citation: Cape Verde, Republic of, Fogo, Cha das Caldeiras, moist rock face beside the road into the caldeira., alt. 1760 m, 22.01.1994, N. Kilian & T. Leyens 3278. (B B 10 0356891)

Specimen summary: B (B 10 0356891)

Cape Verde, Republic ofN. Kilian & T. Leyens 3346B
Citation: Cape Verde, Republic of, Fogo, Pico Novo, from the caldeira (1750m) to the crater rim , alt. 2600 – 2800 m, N. Kilian & T. Leyens 3346. (B B 10 0355668)

Specimen summary: B (B 10 0355668)