Legousia hybrida

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Legousia hybrida


This taxon has not been included in the analysis by Mansion & al. but other taxa considered as close relatives. Its placement here is therefore based on the assumption that the hypothesis on their relationship is correct.


Africa: Macaronesia (Madeira native); Northern Africa (Algeria native, Libya native, Morocco native, Tunisia native) Asia-Temperate: Caucasus (North Caucasus native, Transcaucasus native); Western Asia (Cyprus native, East Aegean Is. native, Iran native, Lebanon-Syria native, Palestine native, Turkey native) Europe: Eastern Europe (Krym native, Ukraine native); Middle Europe (Belgium native, Germany native, Netherlands native, Switzerland native); Northern Europe (Great Britain native); Southeastern Europe (Albania native, Greece native, Italy native, Kriti native, Romania native, Sicily native, Turkey-in-Europe native, Yugoslavia native); Southwestern Europe (Baleares native, Corse native, France native, Portugal native, Sardegna native, Spain native)