Campanula rotundifolia

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Campanula rotundifolia



Antarctic:, Subantarctic Islands (Falkland Is. introduced) Asia-Temperate:, China (Manchuria native); Russian Far East (Amur native, Kamchatka native, Khabarovsk native, Magadan native, Primorye native, Sakhalin native); Siberia (Altay native, Buryatiya native, Chita native, Irkutsk native, Krasnoyarsk native, Tuva native, West Siberia native, Yakutskiya native) Australasia:, New Zealand (New Zealand North introduced, New Zealand South introduced) Europe:, Eastern Europe (Baltic States native, Belarus native, Central European Russia native, East European Russia native, North European Russia native, Northwest European Russia native, South European Russia native, Ukraine native); Middle Europe (Austria native, Belgium native, Czechoslovakia native, Germany native, Hungary native, Netherlands native, Poland native, Switzerland native); Northern Europe (Denmark native, Finland native, Føroyar native, Great Britain native, Iceland native, Ireland native, Norway native, Sweden native); Southeastern Europe (Albania native, Bulgaria native, Italy native, Romania native, Yugoslavia native); Southwestern Europe (France native, Spain native) Southern America:, Southern South America (Argentina South introduced)