Campanula hierapetrae



Europe:, Southeastern Europe (Kriti native)


Campanula hierapetrae Rech. f., Oesterr. Bot. Z. 84: 170. 1935


    Specimens & Observations

    CountryDateCollector + collecting numberHerbariaTypeScanDerivatives
    Greece, Hellenic RepublicH. Risse s.n.B
    Citation: Greece, Hellenic Republic, Ep. Ierapetra: Dhikti, Oros, S Katharo. Mt. Hlasmenos., alt. 1250-1392 m, 04.10.1984, H. Risse s.n. (B B 10 0467277)

    Specimen summary: B B 10 0467277
    Specimen Scans: scan of B B 10 0467277 (B_10_0467277)

    Greece, Hellenic RepublicH. RisseB
    Citation: Greece, Hellenic Republic, Ep. Sitia: Foothill SE Hill Afendis Kavousi., alt. 900-1225 m, 15.09.1984, H. Risse. (B B 10 0467278)

    Specimen summary: B B 10 0467278
    Specimen Scans: scan of B B 10 0467278 (B_10_0467278)

    Greece, Hellenic Republic1991-04-24Turland, N. s.n.B_GH
    Citation: Greece, Hellenic Republic, Kreta: Sitias,, NE slope of Mt. Afendis Kavousi above Thripti, calcareous rock crevices., alt. 1200, 24 Apr 1991, Turland, N. s.n. (B_GH Cubr 36642)

    Specimen summary: B_GH Cubr 36642
    Detail Images: SEM Pollen, 010, SEM Pollen, 007, SEM Pollen, 009, SEM Pollen, 004, SEM Pollen, surface ornamentation, 008, SEM Pollen, 001, SEM Pollen, surface ornamentation, 002, SEM Pollen, 005, SEM Pollen, surface ornamentation, 006, SEM Pollen, surface ornamentation, 003