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This poorly supported clade shows sister relationships between one member of Trachelium (T. caeruleum) and seven species of Campanula (C. asperuloides, C. bluemelii, C. buseri, C. fruticulosa, C. myrtifolia, C. pubicalyx, and C. yaltirikii), all species sharing capitate inflorescences, narrow-infundibuliform corollas, and similar chromosome numbers (2 n = 34). Based on such combination of characters, some authors suggested to either include those campanulas into Trachelium (Tutin 1976) or to establish new genera such as Diospharea or Tracheliopsis (Buser 1894). Damboldt 81976) questioned the separation of these genera from Campanula and finally put all these species into synonymy of Campanula section Tracheliopsis. The current phylogenetic hypothesis does not support either the generic or sectional delimitation, otherwise suggesting the separation of this group of species into two different lineages (Cam13: C. asperuloides, C. buseri, C. myrtifolia, C. pubicalyx; Cam16: C. rumeliana, C. jacquinii). The suggestion of Borsch & al. (2009) to restrict Trachelium to the one or two species (i.e. following Lammers 2007) would imply to give a separate name to the current sister clade, and by extension to most of the clades described in this study.

From: Mansion & al. (2012: 18)


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