Campanula longisepala

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Campanula longisepala

CountryDateCollector + collecting numberHerbariaTypeScanDerivatives
FranceF. J. G. A. Clauzade C-117B
Citation: France, Dép. Vaucluse, Mt. du Vaucluse, Cobe de Venasque., 1960, F. J. G. A. Clauzade C-117 (B B 10 0365491)

Specimen summary: B B 10 0365491
Isotype of Campanula longisepala Podlech
Specimen Scans: scan of B B 10 0365491 (b_10_0365491)

France13017Herbarium Berolinense
Citation: France, Vaucluse. Northern slope of Mont Ventoux, above state forest park., alt. 1702 m, 44°10'34.007"N, 5°16'27.001"E, 07.07.2013, 13017 (Herbarium Berolinense B 10 0559146)

Specimen summary: Herbarium Berolinense B 10 0559146
Specimen Scans: scan of Herbarium Berolinense B 10 0559146 (B_10_0559146)